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This shop is dedicated to families that are put together through adoption/foster care. We are dedicated to making a difference through supporting orphan causes with our talents. We love being apart of God's work- "caring for the orphans." James 1:27

After seeing some really HARD things and seeing the effects of trauma on our treasures, I remember crying out to GOD and asking how can HE use me to make a difference? I felt sure it would be through what we already do. He could use our talents. Fast forward to a few years ago. We brought Gloria ( Princess Peach Tree) into our family. She had a grief. A deep pain and confusion-she was only 4.5 years old. She expressed herself with a drawing and then God healed her emotionally with her own art. I was so blown away by this experiences that I asked Jim to make her design into jewelry and we would use a portion of the sales to fund back orphan/foster projects. God's story is just being written in our lives. I get to watch it unfold in ways that I could never imagine. All Glory be to God!

We have been so blessed to build our family through adoption. My husband and I have been designing and creating jewelry for over 33 years. How wonderful that our four daughters, who we refer to as the "Royal Court" are artisans too. We are honored to bring their art-work to market( along with our own) and use it as a means to support orphan care.

We have been so blessed that God put our family together in this way and are very mindful of the ones that are left behind. Not only are we a family put together through adoption, we are also blessed to all be made different. Our family knows a thing or two about missing limbs, Strokes, Cerebral Palsy and a few other things. That just makes their efforts so much MORE!
Every sale has a portion set aside to aid in funding our current projects. To date we have put a well in Africa for a village, nine piece of medical equipment in and orphanage in China, foster care needs, and more. A generous $10.00 from every sale of 24.99 or more goes to and orphan/foster project. We also welcome using our site as a mean to fundraiser for your current adoption or foster needs. You can message me for more information.

Thank you for stopping by and learning MORE about Our Royal Court!
Jim and Tammy and Our Royal Court
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