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This shop is dedicated to families that are put together through adoption/foster care. We are dedicated to making a difference through supporting orphan causes with our talents. We love being apart of God's work- "caring for the orphans." James 1:27

After seeing some really HARD things and seeing the effects of trauma on our treasures, I remember crying out to GOD and asking how can HE use me to make a difference? I felt sure it would be through what we already do. He could use our talents. Fast forward to a few years ago. We brought Gloria ( Princess Peach Tree) into our family. She had a grief. A deep pain and confusion-she was only 4.5 years old. She expressed herself with a drawing and then God healed her emotionally with her own art. I was so blown away by this experiences that I asked Jim to make her design into jewelry and we would use a portion of the sales to fund back orphan/foster projects. God's story is just being written in our lives. I get to watch it unfold in ways that I could never imagine. All Glory be to God!

We have been so blessed to build our family through adoption. My husband and I have been designing and creating jewelry for over 33 years. How wonderful that our four daughters, who we refer to as the "Royal Court" are artisans too. We are honored to bring their art-work to market( along with our own) and use it as a means to support orphan care.

We have been so blessed that God put our family together in this way and are very mindful of the ones that are left behind. Not only are we a family put together through adoption, we are also blessed to all be made different. Our family knows a thing or two about missing limbs, Strokes, Cerebral Palsy and a few other things. That just makes their efforts so much MORE!
Every sale has a portion set aside to aid in funding our current projects. To date we have put a well in Africa for a village, nine piece of medical equipment in and orphanage in China, foster care needs, and more. A generous $10.00 from every sale of 24.99 or more goes to and orphan/foster project. We also welcome using our site as a mean to fundraiser for your current adoption or foster needs. You can message me for more information.

Thank you for stopping by and learning MORE about Our Royal Court!
Jim and Tammy and Our Royal Court
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Angel Wings and Cross Necklace Psalms 91 On a 16-20" Chain Can be personalized
Angel Wings and Cross Necklace Psalms 91 On a 16-20" Chain Can be personalized
Our Price: $19.99

Such a Petite and beautiful, comforting and touching necklace made to order the way you want it. Feel free to ask for something else added or taken away.

Angel wings and a beautiful stately petite cross. One of my favorite necklaces.
Psalms 91:11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

Want it more personalized?
We can hand stamp a name, favorite verse, or a word. Your favorite color or birthstone, and a tag. This necklace is made to last out of 316 L Stainless Steel. The chain is 16" with a 2 " extender making it very versatile. Just ask and we can quote you a price.

This listing is for the Cross, Angel wings and chain. We can make it your way for a little more.

Other details include:
316 L high polished stainless steel . All of it!
Gift bagged
No tarnishing or rusting, extra strong.
316 L Stainless Steel chain adjustable from 16" -20"
Cross measures: about 3/4"
Angel wings about 1/2"

Hand-forged jewelry is pretty artistic looking. We use custom made stamps that are special to the hardness of our 20 gauge 316 L Stainless steel discs. Each letter is hand placed and stamped. Please expect some inconsistencies as these are one of a kind and hand- made, The depths of the letters and the alignment will vary and never be perfect. That's what makes it extra special and hand-made. I like to call it, "Imperfectly perfect....just like life!"

We make our 316 L Stainless steel discs ourselves. The are a very high quality 20 Gauge 316 L stainless steel. They are made to last a lifetime. There is no special care needed. You will not experience any tarnishing. If they get scratched up, you can get them buffed back to the original look.

*316 L Stainless Steel does NOT tarnish or rust. It is very hard and durable. It has a beautiful luster that can be buffed and polished to remove fingerprints or scratch
"Love Grows" Adjustable Cuff
"Love Grows" Adjustable Cuff
Our Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $29.99

10.00 from each sale of this product will go directly to support Orphan Care, Foster Care, Orphanages, and or Adoption fundraisers.

We have a HUGE heart for Adoption/Foster Care. God has built our family through adoption. Various organizations, people, and orphanages will be given a donation when you make a purchase. To date our Born in Your Heart Collection has put a Water Well in Ghana, purchased 9 pieces of Physical Therapy Equipment for an orphanage in China, and our current project of putting air filters in an orphanage in China.

We have been blessed to partner with a few USA Foster programs and help fund a variety of things. Many individuals have used our donations to bring children home from all over the world. We are very proud of the support we have been able to offer and continue to offer. Gloria and the Royal Court are a direct influence in the choosing of the organizations or projects this line supports.

What a beautiful celebration of love and life. You will be delighted to own/gift one of these amazing Love Grows cuff bracelets.
And the designer-Oh my.
Love Grows, designed by Gloria Palmer age nine. She loves to draw hearts and flowers. The combination of this striking design will delight your soul.
It is six hearts inside of a larger heart that forms a beautiful flower. I love the dimension that has been captured from her design.
My friend Polly has said, when we include others in our circle of love, our love does NOT divide into tiny pieces for each person, love MULTIPLIES AND GROWS! And that is our daily Prayer for our family, that our love would grow!

Gloria has a passion for art. She was born with one hand. She is amazing and lets her light shine!

Details Include:
- Comes Packaged
-Cuffs are adjustable
- Cuff measures 1" across the flower and 8MM for the cuff band.

-Made from 316L Stainless Steel
-Matching accessoires

316L Stainless Steel, also known as Surgical Steel, is durable and will not rust or tarnish. Fingerprints or smudges can be easily wiped away and scratches can be buffed out.

Love Grows, by nine year old Gloria Palmer

Gloria presented me with this profound “Love Grows,” design in the summer of 2017. She loves flowers and hearts. She had put them together in such a beautiful and masterful way that it made me cry. I knew right then that we had her second design.

We pray fervently that God would keep our family growing in love and knitted close together. Her first design, “Born in Your Heart,” brought her so much peace and emotional healing. When she handed me her new drawing and asked that we make it into jewelry, I was humbled because it profoundly spoke of the very prayers we had been praying for our growing family. It represented to me all of the tears, prayers, hard work, and love that time has brought to our family. I actually am awestruck over the timeline of her two designs.

A flower of hearts on the outside with an eternal ring of smaller hearts on the inside; growing inside the larger hearts. I feel God’s beauty flows through Gloria’s art and she inspires me.

I have learned that love is a choice, something to be prayed over, worked on, seeds sown, watered and nurtured daily and treasured always. After all, it is the greatest gift given.

May you always be blessed.

The Palmers