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Thank you for your interest in, “Born in Your Heart.” This beautiful and inspiring design came from our then five year old Gloria (Princess Peach Tree). She had a grief that broke our hearts. As she was processing, she drew these two hearts as one, as a way to express herself. She received a very profound healing from her own art-work. I believe that it was a God given gift.

We have committed 30% of the sales to go back to orphan care. To date, God has allowed us to use the profits to put a well in Africa (and that story is amazing https://goo.gl/xccTSy ) and to help in placing nine pieces of physical therapy equipment in an orphanage in China (https://goo.gl/KUtoBW) . For whatever reason you are attracted to her design, it symbolizes love in its raw form. You are going to love owning some and gifting it for sure.

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