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Pewter Blooming Lotus flower Essential Oil/Perfume Diffuser(JPEW8017) Pewter Butterfly and Flower Essential Oil/Perfume Diffuser(JPEW8020) Winged Angel Heart Essential oil/Perfume Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendant with 24" chain(jpew8018) Sun and Moon Diffuser Pendant, Celestial Essential Oil/Perfume Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace Jewelry(JPEW8019)
Family Tree/Tree of Life Diffuser Pendant, Family Roots Essential Oil/Perfume Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace(JPEW8021) Pewter Celtic Heart Bottle (#PEW4) Pewter Celtic Moon Bottle (#PEW99) Pewter Celtic Trinity Knot & Claddagh Aromatherapy Keepsake Vial (#JPEW5923)
Claddaugh diffuser on a 24" chain(PEW106) Pewter Celtic Knot Aromatherapy Keepsake Vial 36" Cord (#JPEW5924) Pewter Maltese Cross and Wolf Aromatherapy Keepsake Vial 36" Cord(PEW97) Pewter Wolf and Feather Dream Catcher Aromatherapy Keepsake Vial 36" Cord(PEW216)
Pewter Celtic Knot Diffuser Pendant on 24" Chain (#PEW8014) Pewter Celtic Knot & Jade Stone Diffuser Pendant 24" Chain (#PEW8010) Pewter Amethyst Flower Diffuser Pendant on 24" Chain (#PEW8013) Pewter Celtic Knot & Black Onyx Diffuser Pendant on 24" Chain (#PEW8011)
Pewter Moon & Stars Diffuser Pendant w/ Amethyst on 24" Chain (#PEW8012) Hearts and Butterfly Aromatherapy/Keepsake Vial(JPEW6093) Lovely Rose Memorial/Essential Oil Bottle (Pew11) Pewter Ichthus Fish Angel Wings Aromatherapy/Keepsake/Memorial Bottle(JPEW6500)
Pewter Simply Elegant Butterfly Aromatherapy, Prayer, Keepsake Bottle Necklace Trinity Diffuser Necklace MADE IN THE USA  (#PEW104) Pewter Oriental Dome Diffuser necklace MADE IN THE USA  (pew103) Lovely Heart Diffuser Necklace MADE IN THE USA  (pew105)
Beautiful Trinity Angel Bottle (#JPEW6043) Pewter Celestial Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendant 24" Chain (#JPEW5824) Pewter Celtic Vine Diffuser (#JPEW5906) Pewter Celtic Trinity Knot Aromatherapy Keepsake Vial 36' Cord (#JPEW5922)