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SnowWonders® Snowflakes are Sterling silver over lead-free pewter ornaments with themes cleverly hidden inside. The SnowWonders® line is truly one from the heart…

The story of SnowWonders® Snowflakes began with a Celtic Claddagh Christmas ornament, to which the response was overwhelming! My wife, Tammy, and I began to include a SnowWonders® in all of our Christmas cards, and as new designs were developed people began viewing SnowWonders® Snowflakes as wearable art. Tammy and I met on a snowy December day, and were married 8 years later on Christmas Eve, so you can imagine how special Christmas is for us. In 1999 we were blessed to start Hands of Hope, a charity dedicated to providing underprivileged children with Christmas toys. We decided to help fund this ministry with SnowWonders® Snowflakes by donating a portion of all their sales to Hands of Hope. It still amazes me how all these things thread together! This is our most special line and it and truly reflects who we are.

Thank you for your purchase of SnowWonders® Snowflakes! I am sure you will enjoy collecting SnowWonders® Snowflakes and making them part of your treasures and keepsakes.

Blessings to you and yours,

How to Care For Your SnowWonders® Snowflakes:
Store in an anti-tarnish box or plastic bag. We recommend using a Silver Polishing Cloth should your SnowWonders® Snowflake become tarnished.
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Ribbon Of Life Snowwonders™ Snowflake Ornament (6055) Survivor ribbon, Hope, Love Ornament Legal SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament/Pendant (#JPEW5274) Scottish Thistle & Luckenbooth SnowWonders® Snowflake Christmas ornament (SW6056) Scottish Christmas Ornament
Stainless Steel Snow Flake Earrings(S218E) Stainless Steel Snow Flake Necklace with 16" - 20" adjustable chain, Love tag and CZ Stone(S218E) Pewter Gingerbread Man SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament/Pendant (#JPEW6046)
Nautical Hope Snowflake ornament SnowWonders, Anchor Ornament, Anchor & Dove Hope Snowflake, Collectible Snowflake, Adoption Snowflake Family Tree SnowWonders® Ornament(SW6053) Trinity Claddagh Celtic Family SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament
Irish Dancer SnowWonders®Snowflake  Ornament Pewter US Army Chevrons and Stars SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament(SW6048) Pewter Hockey SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament/Pendant (#JPEW5449)
Pewter Manger Scene "Birth of Christ" SnowWonders® Ornament(SW6047) Pewter US Army Star SnowWonders® Ornament(SW6049) Pewter Fish SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament/Pendant (#JPEW5451)
Blooming Rose and Rose Bud SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament(SW6050) Pewter Christian Christmas SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament (#JPEW5149) (00) Irish Ghillies Celtic Claddagh "Let Love reign." Snowflake Ornament (sw5058softshoe)
Born in Your Heart Family SnowWonder Snowflake (SWBIYH) Dentist SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament/Pendant (#JPEW5445) Pewter Hummingbird SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament/Pendant (#JPEW5566)